5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy In Amazon Under $30

Now a days gadgets have become a part of our life. So we thought we should recommend a couple of the unique, affordable and useful gadgets to our readers. So here are the best gadgets you could purchase now on amazon and all of these are under $30, looks affordable right?


This Tops Our List Of  5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy In  Amazon Under $30

ThinOPTICS are the thinnest, lightest and most durable reading glasses in the world. ThinOPTICS are Always with You.

  • Attach the Universal Pod case to the back of your existing phone, phone case, e-reader, tablet, laptop or slide them in your wallet, purse, or make-up kit.
  • ThinOPTICS free you from having to remember to carry your reading glasses everywhere no matter how you choose to carry them

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2.Collar Perfect Iron

Collar Perfect is a compact and quick ironing solution that works by clamping onto collars, cuffs, creases, between buttons, and other parts to smooth out wrinkles.

  • What makes it Perfect is the ability to transform by opening to flatten the wings for use like a regular iron.
  • Collar Perfect comes with five adjustable temperature settings and international power support to iron out all of life’s wrinkles

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3.Mighty Mug

Mighty Mug grips to your desk when knocked into but lifts naturally. Powered by Smartgrip technology Mighty Mug is a new smarter mug.Mighty Mug creates a super powerful airlock once placed down, but automatically releases when you need a sip.

  • There are no buttons to push or levers to pull to get Mighty Mug to work.
  • Mighty Mug is not a suction cup nor is it a magnet, but rather something entirely new.
  • Mighty Mug will grip to any smooth, flat, solid surface like most desks and tables.

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4.Kinsa Thermometer

Kinsa thermometers are FDA-cleared for accuracy and take your temperature reading in seconds.Kinsa’s free app tracks fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses, medication doses and other notes in a time-stamped log, for each member of the family.

  • Kinsa offers real-time guidance based on age and fever reading, so you know when you should call a doctor and what to do next.

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5.Epson Label Works

Epson Labelworks LW-400, a powerful new label maker that turns organizing into an art. Featuring a backlit display, it helps you make labels anywhere, anytime. Choose from a huge range of symbols, frames, fonts, barcodes and tapes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors.

  • The LW-400 is efficient. Dramatically smaller margins mean up to 62% less label waste).
  • The LW-400 is an office powerhouse.
  • With amazing versatility and a large built-in memory, it stores up to 50 files, so as to prevent extra work for you. Use it for barcodes, A/V and computer wiring and just about anything else. Or, use it around the house

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