Adorable and Powerful Phone Charging Stations Under $30!

Technology driven beauty goes a long way. There are gadgets and gizmos around us that are not only cutting-edge, but are also wonderful works of design and craftsmanship. Even utility products like phone charging stations can become those marvels in the corner that add their appeal to the surroundings.

Keeping our smartphones charged to the brim has become an essential of life. We looked around a bit for brands that not only did a super-charging job, but also attracted attention by their looks.

Here are the results – some designer phone chargers that catch attention everywhere! Do not forget to click on the links, and if you like one, it will be easy to buy as well, for all of these are priced at handsome prices, just below $30.

1. RAVPower Desktop Phone Charging Station

This is a sleek, portable piece, and also a hugely popular brand line around the world. The charging station offers an ample, 6-port facility, and is good for a wide range of smartphones, Kindle and tablets. RAVpower-phone-charging-dockThe main specs are as follows:

  • USB charging dock station with massive 60W power with 12A capacity
  • 6 fast charging ports for simultaneous use
  • Useful to keep at offices, schools, outdoor events and other venues

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2. Pezin & Hulin Natural Bamboo Phone Charging Station Stand

A work of great aesthetics. If you are worried about electronic waste, and like the fresh and raw look of wood, then this piece takes the cake. A 100% natural and eco-friendly product can be put near the bed, or even the office bay to increase the glamour quotient. The price is friendly, and the product also saves space!

  • Charge six devices, including Apple watch
  • Magnetic base allows assembling and disassembling
  • Hide cables and USB hubs under the wide base and compartment, thus saving on space

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3. BAVIER Bamboo Wood Phone Charging Dock

As we said, technology easily blends with natural aesthetics, and this designer charging station is the proof. The wooden cradle is for all Apple devices and the watch, as well as smartphones and tablets. The surface finish shines with new light, while the power within does the job. The phone can also be used to watch videos while they get charged.

  • The watch stand can be used as a stand-alone place for the Apple Watch
  • Can be used as house decoration
  • Ideal for homes, offices, and to beautify personal spaces

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4. Okra 7-Port Universal Phone Charging Dock

Although not a competitor with the previous phone charging stations in looks, we selected this one for the sheer number of devices it can charge with its 16.8A capacity. It’s branded as the most powerful, universal charger on the desktop.Okra-charging-station-large-cheap

  • 7 high powered USB ports of 2.4A each. The slots come with non-scratch, non-slippery silicone pads.
  • Smart IC chipset recognizes the devices and selects the safest and efficient way to charge.
  • Charges everything, from phones and tablets to bluetooth headphones, e-readers, portable speakers, mp3 players, digital cameras, or any chargeable device with USB cables.

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The above are just a few tech beauties, and we will continue to share other exceptional and budget friendly docking and charging stations.

Visit the links, and buy any of these well-designed products as they will amp up the attractiveness quotient, and will also reflect your personality!

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