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The fear of losing personal valuables and property is always present inside us, especially when we are outdoors or during travel. Thankfully, we now have technology in the form of cheap GPS trackers to quickly help us track and locate missing, misplace or stolen keys, bags, vehicles and even pets.

Bluetooth trackers are ideal and cheap for tracking home valuables, but GPS trackers score with their greater range and outdoor use. Unfortunately, GPS trackers are also a bit costly, and the average price can be easily over a hundred dollars. On top of that, they may also require a monthly fee for using a SIM and network.

To help with the search for cheap GPS trackers, we did a little background research and came up with some tracking devices that come under $25. Now that’s really cheap for this sophisticated technology.

XCSOURCE Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

This GPS tracker requires a SIM card and a 2G network, and if the network setup is available, can be a really cheap GPS vehicle tracker. The tracker allows for real-time tracking, and shows the location automatically. The device can support Android/iOS apps, and uses SMS, interacts with Google map, and is suitable for all cars with built-in switching power supply.

cheap gps tracker for carsAmong other features:

  • Password protected
  • Protects privacy
  • Works accurately even with weak signal
  • Three color LED display

MOTOsafety Cheap GPS Trackers

This GPS tracker can monitor a lot of activities, such as location, directions, speed and traffic. The device interacts with Google Maps, and is even good for giving driving instructions with the help of driving report cards.

The device works with 3G networks, and the coverage is natonwide with quick minute by minute updates.

low cost gps trackerSome great features:

  • 3G GPS locator
  • Real time driving coach
  • Real time email and SMS alerts
  • Review of driving routes
  • Set geo-fences at locations like schools or home

ABLEGRID Realtime GPS Tracker

cheap gps tracker real timeThe real time GSM/GPRS personal locator comes with a free SIM card. The device works around the world, and is meant for some advanced tracking and monitoring, especially for vehicle tracking. The GPS tracker is good even with limited sky view in urban areas.

Ablegrid GPS tracker can be used to keep track of cars, vans, boats or equipment, and even for pets and kids. The device lends to some amazing applications for live tracking of valuables and keeping them safe from theft and being lost.

Eivotor Key Finder and Wireless Locator

Cheap gps trackerThough not a GPS tracker, this RF device is a cool way for anyone to keep track of home valuables. The device comprises five cute fobs with letters A-E, and a base station. Simply stick or connect the fobs to valuables such as keys, wallets, eye glasses or other personal belongings that are liable to be misplaced or forgotten.

The base station can be kept on a table as a decoration, and moved around while searching for the lost item. Simply press a key and the fob will emit a sound alert for easy find. The device range is 30m and good for any property. The device comes with button batteries. This is a third-generation tracker and is certainly good value for money.

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