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Happy Diwali HD Wallpapers & Stickers for Mobiles and Home 2018

Make this Diwali extra special with these Diwali HD Wallpapers for phones, stickers and apps

Many of us are done with our Diwali shopping, but if you are still in the mood, here is some cool, free stuff to download sitting at home. We can give our mobiles and laptops some HD quality Diwali flavor, or get some flowery rangoli stickers for home doors, floors or office spaces.

Happy Diwali HD Wallpapers & Stickers

Just Stick’em: Diya Stickers for Diwali 2018

diwali diya stickers plasticCeramic diyas are good for windows and floors. If you want to extend the theme further, high quality diya stickers are quite popular, and available in waterproof and UV protective coatings. This makes them re-usable year after year.

These diya stickers can be stuck on any flat and smooth surface, at home or office spaces. The ink is non-toxic, and the sticker isn’t spoiled by water. All you need to do is peel and stick. The stickers can also be cut into pieces as indicated and used to create larger patterns and designs with the help of numbers.

Download Diya Stickers for Diwali

Amazon Brings Colorful and Beautiful Rangoli Designs on Stickers

rangoli stickers for diwaliTime spent making an elaborate rangoli at home or in office is well spent, and compliments and appreciations are a reward enough. For those who lack time, or special skills for making patterns, these ready-made stickers come with Diwali rangoli designs with colors.

The flowery, circular rangoli patterns are easy to get with PVC rangoli stickers that can be applied on any flat surface. All it takes is a few minutes, and you get a traditional rangoli done without making an effort.

Download Diwali Rangoli Stickers

Gift your Samsung, MI or Sony Phone the Diwali HD Wallpaper & Ringtone

happy diwali hd wallpaper ringtoneA popular trend these days, the wallpaper-ringtone combination can give Diwali a new appeal. The tones are for the ringer as well as SMS and sound realistic as well as incredible. This application comes with some great sound effects, and the wallpaper makes the phone branded for Diwali!

  • Works with all phone brands, tablets.
  • Free download
  • Instanly available for use
  • Fast download without havnig to wait
  • Tap and touch feature to play ringtones
  • Saving as default available

Download Diwali HD Wallpaper and Ringtone

Instant Download: Pleasing and spiritual Live Diwali Wallpapers

Those in a hurry and confused over which Diwali live wallpaper to install can go directly to this mobile live wallpaper. Unlike other wallpapers, this one does not require an internet connection. Features include dynamic sliding, time settings, and images are ideal for the puja ceremony.

  • Available instantly
  • No Internet Required
  • Auto Sliding
  • Time Setting Option

Download Instant Diwali Live Wallpaper of Sri Laxmi

3D and HD Fireworks for Phones on Diwali

3d live diwali mobile wallpaperThe Sky Flower live wallpaper for smart phones will bring some cracking action without the smoke, niose and fumes. The animated full HD, full 3D live wallpaper is for kid and adults who love to take action along whrever they go. The visuals are spectacular, non-stop and will attract all onlookers instantly.

  • Live Wallpaper for FireWorks lovers
  • Happy Diwali
  • Really full HD
  • Really 3D
  • Glory sounds available

Download 3D, HD Fireworks Wallpaper for Android

If you liked the above, here are some more live wallpapers:

Download Live 3D Wallpapers

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