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The Top 100 Worst & Lazy Passwords of 2017

Today anyone online will have several if not dozens of accounts to keep safe with passwords. This makes us look for the most easily remembered, or ‘typable’, pass words. Human tendency at its best, or worst.

The BBC recently published a list of 100 worst passwords of 2017. You may find your own passwords listed there!

Download the list of top 100 worst passwords of 2017

These are the bad passwords to avoid. There is a new acronym to describe this weakness that can compromise anything from home computers to big organizations.

PEBKAC – Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair. That’s the user who set ‘123456’ as the password.

Some of the top worst passwords: 123456, password, welcome, monkey, Ferrari, and blahblah.

What makes this a security loophole is the simple password scraping strategy – take the list and apply them to millions of accounts. The BBC report cites an expert indicating that a hacker can be successful with one good hit for every 5-6,000 accounts.

There is no easy way to ensure that every one of our passwords is 12 characters long, one in capital, a number, a symbol, blah blah…

Nor can password strategies be discussed in public or suggested. Security is an ongoing endeavor.

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