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Watch Free Streaming Movies on YouTube – New Service

Watching free movies on YouTube so far has been an experience of bad formats, picture in pictures, poor audio and masked or misleading titles. And the way of torrents meanders through too many diverts.

So the official streaming movies from YouTube are here, but still with ads (the service may not be visible in some regions as of today). A few years back, YouTube had started renting out movies, and the first launch also had a free selection of global and regional movies. The channel has over 70 million subscribers.

The new streaming service launched this October, and the category to go for is ‘Free to Watch’ listed in the movies section. Reports say there will be pop-up ads at regular intervals.

Another place to watch free streaming movies is the Roku channel, which has recently launched this service. The collection includes old classics and thrillers like The Matrix.

Walmart too is into free streaming movies with Vudu, and there is Tubi with quite a good list of free streaming movies.

The new free streaming movie services are likely to take advantage of smart TVs, which would form a major audience for these services.

Free movies on Roku:

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