screen blanking out

How To: Fix Flickering or Blanking Monitor/ Secondary Display – Samsung/Dell/LG/any other

Well, you bought a new monitor and wished to extend your current laptop display or you just wanted to replace your current monitor. Things were good for a couple of days until when you noticed that your monitor is going blank (screen blanking) few seconds after turning on. You try different solutions such as,

  • Update the Graphics Driver
  • Troubleshoot Display in windows
  • Change monitor resolutions, frame rates and what not!

Yet, the issue persists. If you are still reading, then you have the same issue and luckily there is a solution for your screen blanking out, just follow the guide below.

Some secondary monitors exhibit this type of screen flickering or blanking due to bad capacitors inside them.

Solution: When you turn on your monitor, bring down its Brightness level to the minimum value. When the Brightness goes down, display draws less juice. It might be uncomfortable for your at the beginning but there is no other way. After some time, increase the Brightness gradually and see what happens. If the screen blanks out, decrease the brightness again.

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