How to Open ZIP / RAR File in Android Smartphone

We all from time to time download some photos or music from the Internet. Such files usually come in archives. It’s nothing new if your using a PC or laptop, but if your using an Android device, some minor troubles may surface. In order to avoid this, I present you a simple and very powerful tool for your tablet and smartphone. Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be able to open any archive you receive on your portable device

Step 1:

Certainly you’ll need a capable archive manager to open archives on Android. The great tool I refer to is B1 Free Archiver. Download it and install via Google play.

B1 Free Archiver

Otherwise, if you want a greater functionality, you can turn to B1 File Manager – it has the same archive management capabilities extended with cloud storages and networks management.

B1 File Manager

So install and launch any of these two apps.

Step 2:

To open any archive you, first of all, need to navigate to it. B1 Free Archiver is a great file manager, so it’s quite easy. Once you get to the desired archive you can either tap it (this will give you the basic unpacking options) or long tap it (provides advanced options). In order to unpack anything, the first option will be enough

Screenshot_2014-04-28-16-01-31.jpg  Screenshot_2014-04-28-16-01-45.jpg

Step 3: Unpacking

Simply tap the archive you want to unpack and select “Extract here”.That’s it! That’s basically all. You have you stuff unpacked.However, there are some more advanced features that can be useful.
 Screenshot_2014-04-28-16-02-16.jpg Screenshot_2014-04-28-16-02-56.jpg