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5 Best Android Apps available in Play Store for Free (2017)

Hello guys today i am gonna tell you about 5  that are available in the play store and are for free. These are the  Android apps that stand alone at the top of the list and gives users the best experience.With millions of apps in the Play Store, searching for the best Android apps is really a tedious job.Without further delay, here are the best android apps currently available!


These are some of the Best Android Apps that every Android User must have


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My Data Manager

Data manager helps to keep track of the data usage of your smartphone. How much data is consumed by which all the apps that is installed on your phone, where your data pack is leaking without even having a notice from you and hence helps to save the precious data for you. Now coming to the android app directly:-


◊ This app helps to look about the data usage very clearly in your android Phone.

◊ It helps to see the data usage both from the WiFi as well as the data pack (separately) which ever you are using.

◊ There is a filter that enables us to look the usage for hour, day, week, month separately.

◊ It has got 5 Million downloads with 4.5/5.0 ratings from the play store.

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Night Mode

Brightness is an important factor in the  smartphone for every smartphone users. Its very irritating if the brightness is high (even though in the minimum level given inbuilt) in the night time reading or studying if you are using the android phone in the night. Now coming to the android app directly:-


◊ This app helps to decrease the brightness of the Phone, than the normal lowest brightness that is given default.

◊ If there is no light around you,  the lowest brightness level  in your phone is also quite irritating.

◊ Just go to the app and set the brightness how much you needed.(below the normal level)

◊ It has got 1 Million downloads with 4.4/5.0 ratings from the play store.

night mode


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Internet Speed Meter Lite

What is the speed at which yo are using your data in your android phone either it is connected to the WiFi or you are using the data pack, knowing the data transfer rate is a important matter which every android user must take care of. Now coming to this android app directly:-


◊ This app helps to look at the data transfer rate(speed) that is happening in your smartphone in KBps.

◊ It also saves the data usage for each day either it may be from your data pack or from your WIFI and gives statistics.

◊ It also speaks about the strength of the WIFI network that is connected by your phone to the router.

◊ It has got 10 Million downloads with 4.5/5.0 ratings from the play store.

internet speed meter


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ColorNote Notepad Notes

Making a quick notes like if you are on a call writing the phone number given by the caller  or something like that is important. quick savings of the much needed factors like mail id, address etc and using them from the note that is made already is very helpful, Now coming to the android app directly:-


◊ This app is used to make quick notes of the things that is required later when ever you needed.

◊ You can save the notes according to date modified or created or alphabetically etc.

◊ You can also sync it and make remembers using calendar.

◊ It has got 100 Million downloads with 4.6/5.0 ratings from the play store.

color note pad


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Automatic Call Recorder

If you want hear your loved ones voice once again after calling or if you want to send that audio to your loved ones then we have to record that call and save them in  your android phone so that you can hear it again and again and also send to others. Now coming to the android app directly:-


◊ This app helps to record the call automatically when ever you are connected to another phone.

◊ It will be saved automatically as soon as you disconnected your phone .

◊ You can import the audio file that you saved and can share to another if required.

◊ It has got 50 Million downloads with 4.3/5.0 ratings from the play store.

call recorder


These are about the 5 best android apps that is available for free in the play store. Why are you waiting  then, just click on the link that is provided. Don’t waste your time just go on.


Thank you guys.